Kuvings C7000 Review: The Ultimate Juicer For Nutritious Meals

Kuvings C7000 Review


The Kuvings C7000 is a cold press juicer that’s great for producing high yield juices from leafy greens, celery, wheat grass, and other produce with high water content. Though it costs less than many other masticating juicers on the market, this product offers many of the same strengths as more expensive models. For example, it comes in three colors (black, white or silver) to match any decor; it has a large chute so you can put in whole fruits and vegetables; and it has an impressive 10-year warranty on parts and labor. Plus, reviewers say it’s easy to clean! In this Kuvings C7000 review, we’ll take a close look at the C7000 and see if it’s worth the investment.

The Kuvings C7000 is a popular model of masticating juicer.

The Kuvings C7000 is a popular model of masticating juicer. It has a wide mouth, which makes it easier to clean than most other masticating models. It also has a high RPM and low heat production, making it more efficient at extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. The Kuvings C7000 comes with several different attachments that allow you to make nut butters, sorbets and other types of foods using the same device that you use for juicing your veggies.

The Kuvings C7000 doesn’t have as many features as some other models on the market but it does have many of the same strengths as more expensive models like Omega J8006 or Hurom H-Series Slow Juicers. In our opinion this makes for an excellent value for money purchase when compared against these others because you get much of what they offer at half or even less than half their price tag!

This model is seen as an excellent value for the money as it features many of the same strengths of more expensive models, while being far less costly.

It is a good value for the money and a good investment if you are looking for something reliable, durable, and easy to use. The Kuvings C-7000 comes with plenty of features for what you pay for it; this juicer will last longer than most other brands and models on the market today!

The Kuvings C7000 is made by a manufacturer well known for its excellence in this area.

Kuvings is a Korean company that has been making masticating juicers since the 1960s, and they’re one of the leading manufacturers of masticating juicers on the market today. The C7000 was designed with health and longevity in mind, so it’s built to last for many years.

Kuvings C7000 review

It offers the highest yield of the Kuvings cold press juicers.

The Kuvings C7000 is the highest yielding of all the cold press juicers currently available. This means less waste, which is great for your wallet and the environment. It also means more juice and therefore more nutrients, which are good for you in many ways. More nutrients give you more energy and focus, meaning you can accomplish more things in life!

It’s great for making juices with leafy greens and other ingredients that have a high water content.

The Kuvings C7000 has a reverse function so you can dislodge any stuck fruits or vegetables.

You can also use the Smart Cap to separate pulp from juice and store your creation in the fridge for up to 24 hours. The 10-year warranty is another perk that shows how much confidence Kuvings has in their product.

It’s durable, made from high quality materials, like BPA free grade plastic and ultra strong stain resistant GE Ultem Auger.

The Kuvings C7000 is a durable juicer that uses high quality materials including BPA-free grade plastic and ultra strong stain resistant GE Ultem Auger. This ensures that it will last you a long time.

The C7000 also features a self cleaning function, which helps to keep it in tip-top shape for many years to come. It is easy to use and clean, so you won’t need anyone else’s help when you want to use the juicer or clean up afterward.

You can enjoy juices from the Kuvings C7000 Juicer for an affordable price of around $300 on Amazon today!

It has a larger chute than most masticating juicers so you can put in whole fruits and vegetables, to save on prep time.

The Kuvings C7000 has a chute that’s 3 inches wide. This is wider than most masticating juicers, which have 2-inch chutes. This means you can put in whole fruits and vegetables to save time on prep work. For example, if you want to make apple juice with this machine, you can just throw an entire apple into the chute without having to slice it up first!

It comes in three colors, black, white or silver.

This juicer is available in three colors, black, white and silver. You can choose the color that you like best. The machine looks nice and has a modern design with a black frame around the outside of it.

Its reverse function allows you to dislodge any stuck fruits or vegetables to keep the machine running smoothly.

If you’ve ever used a juicer before, you know that sometimes fruits and vegetables can get stuck in the machine. The Kuvings C7000 Juicer has a reverse function that helps dislodge any stuck fruits or vegetables to keep your machine running smoothly. This is a useful feature!

The Kuvings C7000 Juicer has many other features: it’s fast, easy to assemble, and cleans easily. It also comes with a 10 year warranty on motor with an additional 5 year warranty for parts/service

Its patented Smart Cap lets you mix ingredients in one glass without worrying about spillage and it can also be used to make sorbets, sauces and marinades.

The Kuvings C7000 Juice Extractor has a smart cap that makes it possible to mix ingredients without worrying about spillage. The smart cap can also be used to make sorbets, sauces and marinades.

The juicer has a large chute which means less chopping is required before juicing, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. It comes in 3 colors: black, white and silver so it will match any style of kitchen décor.

It comes with a 10-year warranty on motor parts as well as 5 years for all other parts of the juicer (excluding rubber feet). This means if you experience any problems with your Kuvings C7000 Juicer over this period then you’re covered by warranty!

It’s easy to assemble (you just need one person) and disassemble if you want to put it away after use. The pulp bin also has its own handle making it easier for one person or two people working together (one holding each side) lift out when full without spilling contents everywhere like some other brands do!

It has an impressive 10-year warranty on parts and labor…it’s also easy to clean!

You won’t have to worry about the Kuvings C7000 juicer breaking down on you, either. It comes with a 10-year warranty on parts and labor, which is pretty impressive considering it’s not the most expensive juicer on the market. But the Kuvings will also last longer than most juicers—which means that when it does break down, it’ll be under warranty anyway.

The Kuvings C7000 is also very easy to clean as well, which is another important feature in any kitchen appliance. The pulp collector has its own container nearby so you can easily dispose of pulp without having to stop what you’re doing in order to get rid of it (and again: no stopping means more nutrients for your health). And if that weren’t enough convenience for ya…the entire unit itself disassembles easily into three pieces: base/plastic housing; stainless steel mesh filter; juice strainer basket with cover ring! So even though this blender comes at an affordable price point compared with other models from different companies such as Blendtec or Breville , its ease-of-use makes up for any difference in price because there are fewer things about this product that could potentially frustrate users later down the road.

Kuvings C7000 Review

The Kuvings C7000 is a masticating juicer. It’s a good value for the money, and it’s made by Kuvings, which is known for making high-quality products.

The Kuvings C7000 is made of high quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. This juicer has a large chute so you don’t have to make as many cuts when chopping up your food before putting it in the machine; this saves time and allows more juice to be extracted from your produce! The fancy reverse function means that if you don’t feel like cleaning up after yourself right now because you’re lazy (like me), then this machine will simply run itself backwards so that all of your pulp will be pushed out of its chamber—no fussing needed!

And finally, another nice feature about this particular model is its patented Smart Cap system: basically what happens here is whenever you’re done making juice with this machine for whatever reason (maybe because someone else came home early from work today), then just press down on one button near where those two rubber pieces are located; these parts are called “Smart Caps” because they automatically lock together when pressed against one another during operation mode thus keeping away any unwanted messes from happening inside or outside of your kitchen countertop area when not being used properly!


The Kuvings cold press masticating whole slow juicer is a great choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, looks great and is backed by an impressive warranty. The yield from this model is also high with leafy greens!

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